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Learning How to Put on Makeup

Sissies & Makeup

For new or isolated sissies, it can be a challenge to learn how to put makeup on. Happily, I have a couple of tried and true ideas for you.

Online Tutorials

All over the Internet, but especially on YouTube, you can find tutorials about makeup placement. What is wonderful is you . . . → Read More: Learning How to Put on Makeup

Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

I love when I talk to you girls who wear bras, especially to sleep, putting in your breast forms that make you all the more girlie.

“Seeing” Your Breasts

You all expect to see your breasts every time you look down, yes? Even in those man clothes society insists you wear, you can just . . . → Read More: Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

A Sissy’s First Pedicure Experience

Yesterday, I took one of my older sissy-friends for her first pedicure experience.We had quite the Girls Day Out!

Pedicure Surprise

I’d been trying to get my girlfriend to have a mani-pedi for years. She’s in her 50’s and would admire my French-tipped fingernails and meticulously trimmed and painted toenails. Even so, I . . . → Read More: A Sissy’s First Pedicure Experience

Sissy & I Go Lingerie Shopping

I have this adorable Sissy Girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with, especially when either of us wants to go shopping. Most especially when we want to go shopping for lingerie.

Sissy Boutique Shopping

Now, my sister-friend is a plus-sized gal, so Vicky’s is out. The typical popular big girl stores have . . . → Read More: Sissy & I Go Lingerie Shopping

Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth

I began writing this post before June 12, 2016 when the Pulse shooting in Orlando occurred. I am hyper-aware of the apprehension… worries… even terror… several of you have already expressed to me… with thoughts of something similar happening while you are out-of-town dressed to the nines. I could not possibly discuss this distress in this . . . → Read More: Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth

Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

You’ll Need A Sissy Maid’s Outfit

You love your new outfit, don’t you?

Every sissy should work on her service skills of course, but she should also have her look down pat. So for today’s assignment, I’m going to transform you into a sissy maid.  You are to purchase a maid . . . → Read More: Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)

I was cummed out, but in came my sissy friend, brigette, and I felt my second wind rising. She was wearing the sweetest pink swirly dress, thigh high white stockings…

and the cutest pair of Marc Jacobs vinyl shoes.

I ran over to her (I was still naked from being fucked silly . . . → Read More: Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)

Christmas Shopping (Audio Included!)


I’d hinted about what I was getting my real-life Sissy for Christmas for at least two months. I knew it was driving her crazy.

And I loved it.

Finally, the day came when I was taking her Christmas Shopping.

I specifically asked that she wear her nicest man clothes… a suit with . . . → Read More: Christmas Shopping (Audio Included!)

My Glamorous Sissy (part 2)

Click for: My Glamorous Sissy (part 1)

The room was filled with gorgeous women in evening gowns, although a few were in tuxedos. Mmmm. Everyone was so beautiful.

We floated around the space, sipping quality champagne, clinking flutes with each other. Flirting was everywhere.

My lovely Sissy and I held hands and I . . . → Read More: My Glamorous Sissy (part 2)

My Glamorous Sissy (part 1)

We met at the upscale boutique where she insisted I find the perfect evening gown for her. We were going to an all-women’s formal get-together… wine, champagne, hor dourves and then a luxurious sit-down dinner that would surely last until well after midnight.

Pink is the Color of Her Pussy

The dresses were lined . . . → Read More: My Glamorous Sissy (part 1)