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Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)

I watch as you are, once again, tweaking with the Christmas Tree. I talked you into one of those aluminum jobbers we had in the 1970’s. With the color wheel.


You rolled your eyes and said it reminded you of elementary school and I said, “Exactly.”

The “branches” always seemed to need . . . → Read More: Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)

Sick of the Relatives?

Sick of the relatives? Sick of Auntie Faye and Cousin Brian? This Thanksgiving bullshit annoying the hell out of you?

Then fucking call me already!!!

Get yourself out into the cold garage (“Gotta see about that oil can, dear!”) and CALL! Let’s have some quick, hard sex… one where you cum so hard, . . . → Read More: Sick of the Relatives?

Happy Thanksgiving!


What do YOU lick on Thanksgiving Day?





Or are you reading this on your phone while the family swirls around the house, wandering aimlessly, while you think about putting on those panties you have hidden in the car’s trunk.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak away and call . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!