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The Exam Gown (Medical Fetish Series)

exam gown

Two decades of being a midwife… and kinky… I have some nasty ideas of what to do to you in the doctor’s office. In this segment of the Medical Fetish Series, I will share my thoughts about the exam gown.

“Put This Exam Gown On”

After all the preliminary stuff… paperwork, lab work, . . . → Read More: The Exam Gown (Medical Fetish Series)

A Tour of the Exam Table (Medical Fetish)

When I lead you into the exam room, you see it… over there….

The Exam Table; the altar of the medical world.

standard exam table

I hand you a clean (but ugly) cotton hospital gown and ask you to undress and put it on, open in the back. I leave the room and you . . . → Read More: A Tour of the Exam Table (Medical Fetish)

Medical Fetish

Having a Medical Fetish is fairly uncommon, but it is one of my specialties so I wanted to write about it here. Medical Fetishes can be everything from loving a woman in a nurse’s uniform to being probed with a variety of medical devices.

Medical Experience

In my previous life, I was a midwife . . . → Read More: Medical Fetish