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Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

In Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1), I began the story of seduction of three vanilla friends of my play friend couple.

Here’s how the scoring stands at the moment:

Kissing – 2 points for me Pants or dress off Underwear off When genitals come out to play – 2 points . . . → Read More: Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3)

A simple Brunch turned into my picking up a D/s couple. In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2), I left off saying:

While on my knees, I turned slightly towards the Dom and asked, “May I?”

He said, “Help yourself.”

I pushed my nose right up against her pussy, took a deep breath, inhaling her musky . . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3)

Burying My Face (With Audio!)

Ah, yes… how easily I remember my first pussy experience, just like most of you, too, I suspect.

I was 18. Kelly was 21. We met at a gay bar/hotel and met while on the disco dance floor. She was so tall! And beautiful. She had long curly hair, wildly sweaty as she . . . → Read More: Burying My Face (With Audio!)