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Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 1)

Not everyone calls for an orgasm. In fact, one of the most common non-sex calls is when the person feels pulled between their religion and their kinks or fetishes.

NOTE: This will not be religion-bashing, nor blasphemous,

but a very real dilemma many, many folks work with and through.

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treasure Hunting! (Ms. Harper’s 100th Episode Prize!)

A few nights ago, Mistress Harper’s Whore School had it 100th Show Anniversary!

We had the most fun EVER, some of us were on the radio with Ms. Harper (go to the Archives to listen!), others at our Virtual World Pool Party… and then there was the over-filled chat room!

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Let’s Talk Passwords (I’ll Make It Sexy)

So you know how you like to look at porn secretly on your computer or phone? How you hide it from your girlfriend/boyfriend or marriage partner? How you would be mortified if they found out you were watching cuckolding scenarios, or better yet, sucking dick ones?


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Twisted & Shouting, “PERVERT!”

I’ve been called a pervert for most of my life.

What’s a Pervert?

Definition 1

Definition 2: A person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. synonym: deviant

Definition 3? Let’s poke around and see what other dictionaries say.

blinking after looking at the Urban Dictionary definitions

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Stressed Out?

Life can be really tough sometimes. I know it might seem obvious, but the Mistresses here at LDW are quite skilled at listening and understanding the very real stresses in life.

When You’re Stressed Out

artist, Reylia

Not only do you guys and gals want (or need?) an orgasm when you are stressed, sometimes . . . → Read More: Stressed Out?

When the Call Goes Wonky

Phones Are Not Perfect!

Say you are talking to me, sharing deep & secret fantasies you have never told another soul before… and then the phone goes dead and we are cut off from each other.

You ask, “Are you there? Daphne?!”

And I don’t answer.

What do you think?

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