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Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

In Part 1, I began the discussion between how challenging it can be when our religious upbringing brings shame and embarrassment with our sexual needs and drives.

But, sometimes the decision between religion and our kinks/fetishes collide and choosing one over the other needs to be made.

I need to say something here… stress . . . → Read More: Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

Sweet, Sweet Sweat Fetish

After Hurricane Irma, the electricity was out for way too long here in Florida. I acknowledge that we Floridians had it way better than many of the islands to our east, but we were still really hot and sticky.

Cicadas Make Me Sweat

We all had plenty to do, what with nearly every tree . . . → Read More: Sweet, Sweet Sweat Fetish