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I Made an Audio (and He LOVED It!)

I’ve made audios for my audio site, of course, but only once before have I made a custom audio and it has been ages. If you’ve ever wondered how it works, I will show you!

(¡Y al final, explico que también puedo grabar el audio en español!)

The Script for the Audio

This . . . → Read More: I Made an Audio (and He LOVED It!)

Giantess: Losing My Enormous Cherry

Giantess Calls…

….have not really been in my repertoire of calls, my usually referring them to experienced Giantess Mistresses.

However, one “caller” wanted to do a text Giantess call and, being a pretty decent writer, I thought I would do it, with the confession this was my first time. He was game to give . . . → Read More: Giantess: Losing My Enormous Cherry

Race Play Post Resonates

I am really really happy how my Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored has touched so many people. I am hearing from you in calls, in my email and now, in my Reviews. I wanted to share a few comments from one of my clients… one, it seems, I made very happy.

. . . → Read More: Race Play Post Resonates

Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

Race Play, et al.

I read something recently that said:

Only in porn can racism, sexism, the fetishization of the LGBTQ community and sizeism continue. Outside porn, these things are so politically volatile as to spark untold derision if they dare be brought up.

Oh, how true this sentiment is!

“But, But, But… . . . → Read More: Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

Watching Porn with You!

One of the things I love to do with you when you call is to watch Porn with you while we chat.

Porn Watching

I will confess, I don’t watch lots of porn unless it is with you folks. But when we watch together… from BBC to Cum Eating to Cuckolding (and more!)… . . . → Read More: Watching Porn with You!

When the Call Goes Wonky

Phones Are Not Perfect!

Say you are talking to me, sharing deep & secret fantasies you have never told another soul before… and then the phone goes dead and we are cut off from each other.

You ask, “Are you there? Daphne?!”

And I don’t answer.

What do you think?

“Ack! I must . . . → Read More: When the Call Goes Wonky

Nap Time Dream

I laid down to take a nap… got settled… was just beginning to doze… and you crawled up onto the bed inbetween my legs.


You reached around my waist, down to my bottom and inserted a vibrating butt plug into my ass. Then you turned, handed me another and presented your ass . . . → Read More: Nap Time Dream

Fantasy vs. Reality

One of the more exquisite parts of calling us girls at LDW is you get to let your imagination – and complete perversions- fly free.

The Fantasy

Most of us Mistresses have heard it all. I promise. I tell my clients: You can’t scare me. Of course, LDW does have guidelines within which . . . → Read More: Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasies Including Your (Unsuspecting) Wife

Many of you, if not most, never speak about your Significant Other. I sometimes hear about a former one after a divorce, especially if it pertains to your kink or fetish (and that makes me quite sad that something so healthy ended a marriage, but that’s a topic for another day).

. . . → Read More: Fantasies Including Your (Unsuspecting) Wife