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Sissy Cum Slut Serves It Up!

One of the guys I know is a trashy sissy (her words) that visits different campgrounds around the country that cater to gay men. By her own admission, she is a…

…Cum Slut

The name given to her by the men at these places is Cum Slut. This designates her place at the bottom . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum Slut Serves It Up!

27 Loads of Cum… Down the Hatch!

It is true.

I watched him eat…

…27 Loads of Cum

My willing victim, er… client… had done one of these Challenges for me before and was successful. But he wanted to challenge himself again for me. I could never say, “No!”

Our planning took some time, his letting me decide how he would . . . → Read More: 27 Loads of Cum… Down the Hatch!

Cum on My Tits (With Audio!)

At a recent Sex Party, I brought a girlfriend Jackie, who I knew would have fun with me. At many of the parties, the women are really straight and don’t eat pussy… or get their pussies eaten by other women… and I wanted a lot of both!

During introductions, Jackie and I held hands . . . → Read More: Cum on My Tits (With Audio!)


Ah, can’t talk about Masturbation without talking about orgasm.

Isn’t it amazing how damn good an orgasm feels? I have interviewed hundreds of people asking them to describe it to me and no one has said exactly the same thing twice.

“Waves of pleasure.”

“Like my body is spasming, but in a really good . . . → Read More: Orgasm