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27 Loads of Cum… Down the Hatch!

It is true.

I watched him eat…

…27 Loads of Cum

My willing victim, er… client… had done one of these Challenges for me before and was successful. But he wanted to challenge himself again for me. I could never say, “No!”

Our planning took some time, his letting me decide how he would . . . → Read More: 27 Loads of Cum… Down the Hatch!

Cum Eating Challenge: Saving It Properly

I’ve been “cumming” across more and more of you boys who are aching to do the Cum Eating Challenge… eating several ejaculations’ worth of cum at one time. It’s a noble goal, but some tactical actions need to be adhered to first.

The main goal of writing this is so, when you are . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Challenge: Saving It Properly

Lap It Up! (Cum Eating Fun)

It’s always so much fun when you boys and girls beg me… quite literally, BEG me… to help you eat your cum that first time. You’ve tried so many times before; can I coerce you to break through that barrier?

Cum Eating Challenges

As I have said before, there is that crazy mechanism . . . → Read More: Lap It Up! (Cum Eating Fun)

Secret Cock Sucking… Discovered

I have an amazingly fun client (who gave permission for this to be shared) who was in a potentially harrowing situation recently.

He had just had sex with a girl and was still in his afterglow haze when she said she needed to borrow his phone for something. Without thinking, he handed it to . . . → Read More: Secret Cock Sucking… Discovered

Mega-Cum Eating Challenge: Completed!

I had the most delightful cam session recently. A client who has eaten a lot of cum wanted me to dictate how much and how he was going to eat it this time.

The Collection Plate

The last time he had consumed a massive amount, it was 25 ejaculations frozen  as croutons on a salad. He . . . → Read More: Mega-Cum Eating Challenge: Completed!

Pasta con Jism (aka Cum Eating)

My Confession

So, I’ll admit it. I am kinda new at the Cum Eating game.

I mean, I was in a lesbian relationship for 20+ years with occasional sneak trips to seek out dick and cum (don’t tell my former partner!) and during that time I was a Lifestyle submissive. I’ve come out as . . . → Read More: Pasta con Jism (aka Cum Eating)

Cum Eating Success – Finally!

Through trial and error, I have devised a surefire way to get you to eat that cum you’ve craved for so long but have not been able to gulp down yet.


Why Can’t I Get It Down?!

You’ve tried and tried… and tried again… to eat your cum. You’ve called Mistress after . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Success – Finally!

Coached Cum Eating for Ms. Daphne

Need Some Cum Eating Instructions?

I would love to be your teacher… on the phone or on Cam… your call!

I love cum. I fucking love cum. I know I can impart that craving I have for cum on you.

How long have you thought about eating your cum? Since you were a . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating for Ms. Daphne

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Finale!)

In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3), I sucked and fucked the sweet subbie’s pussy in the pool. Now her Master needed attending to.

Greedy Service

She came sweetly in my mouth, holding her Master’s hand and looking him in the eye. I lifted up and looked at that cock. It begged to be serviced.

. . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Finale!)

Masturbating for an Audience (Part 3 – Finale)

In Masturbating for an Audience (Part 1), I prep my sub boy to entertain my friends with his masturbating tricks. 

In Masturbating for an Audience (Part 2), I set my boy up for his penetration… of mind and body.


I stand back a little and watch, deciding if you are moving sufficiently or not. . . . → Read More: Masturbating for an Audience (Part 3 – Finale)