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Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells

What with the holidays coming up, there are always lots of parties to attend. My favorites are the kinky parties; I could not wait to bring my new subbie boy and show him off to my Mistress friends.

My friend Layla was having a Holiday Party, covering the variety of holidays in December… but . . . → Read More: Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells

Fire & Ice: Playing with Temperature

Sex should be fun! Sometimes bringing new ideas into the bedroom can liven things up.

Temperature: Take a Chill

Playing with cold is a pretty common experience.

Ice is a fun, easy and not terribly messy item to play with. You can use ice in almost endless variations. Put some ice in your mouth . . . → Read More: Fire & Ice: Playing with Temperature

Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1)

Short Story: I FUCKING WON! (Twice!)

Last night I wrote about my Dinner Party Contest I was readying myself to attend. It was a Contest we were having to see who could corrupt the unsuspecting 3 guests the fastest and most completely.

Let’s review:

Our goal… the race… the CONTEST, if you will… is . . . → Read More: Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1)

An Ass Is Not a Jewelry Box!

This post is particularly for those who are curious about or already enjoy ass play. Although it is not about ass play per se, let it call your attention to the great importance and seriousness of anal play safety.

If All Else Fails, Hide the Ill-Gotten Booty In YOUR Booty?!?! My, What an Odd . . . → Read More: An Ass Is Not a Jewelry Box!

You ARE My Christmas Present (Plus Audio!)

Sitting in the back yard, looking at the Palm Tree filled with lights, my mind started to wander.

I turned and saw you in the kitchen, getting the finishing touches on our Christmas Night dinner completed. You are still in your jeans and brown leather belt. Barefoot. Bare chested. You’ll be heading up . . . → Read More: You ARE My Christmas Present (Plus Audio!)