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Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)

I was cummed out, but in came my sissy friend, brigette, and I felt my second wind rising. She was wearing the sweetest pink swirly dress, thigh high white stockings…


and the cutest pair of Marc Jacobs vinyl shoes.

pink manolos

I ran over to her (I was still naked from being fucked silly with my friend, Noemi), kissed her on the cheek, and then asked her to show me what she had under that frilly skirt. She obediently turned around, lifted her skirt and showed me her lace panties.

Pink Lace Bloomer

(I couldn’t wait to pull them down and bare her bottom.)

My Sissy Girlfriend Explores the Sex Party

Brigette hadn’t ever been to one of these Sex Parties and was really nervous. I wound my arm around hers and whispered to her to just relax and have fun.

We wended our way through the different areas and I introduced her to everyone we walked past. They were as sweet as could be to her. No judgement at all. She relaxed more and more as we moved through the spaces.

After we’d made the circle through all the rooms, and she’d gotten a look at the different scenes possible, she whispered in my ear that she thought the fucking machine might be an interesting ride. I clapped my delight, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go!”

Fucking Machine


The fucking machine is awesome. You put a hollow dildo on it, then a condom, then lube it up. Then get the fuckee in position, and turn on the power! (There are dozens and dozens of How to Make a Fucking Machine sites on YouTube, and other sites, if you want to make one of your own.)

I demonstrated the machine again for Brigette and told her I wanted her on her hands and knees for me. Obediently, she got down on the floor. I spanked her lace-pantied bottom, and then yanked those panties down around her knees.

Then I had her back up, back up more, and slide her sissy pussy onto the dildo. I reached under and tickled her clit a little, feeling it hard already. Bad girl!

A Complete Turn-on

When she was ready, I turned the machine’s switch on. On low. And slow. It has a dimmer switch on it, and I watched as Brigette squirmed herself onto the cock happily, then turned it up a tad. And then a tad more. And then a little more, again.

Once giggling, Brigette lowered her upper body onto the floor, her dress flipped up onto her back, and the giggling changed to moans, low at first, then louder and louder as I sped the fucking machine up.

She began drawing a crowd.

Before long, it was thrusting inside her pussy so hard, she looked like she was being shoved forward with each plunge inward. It was hilarious! And she was having a screaming blast.

I gooshed more lube onto the dildo to keep her nice and wet. It splooshed on me, and I wiped it on her ass.

“Cum for Me, Sissy Slut!”

I leaned over, my tits on her upper arm, and I hissed in her ear, “Cum for me, you Sissy Slut!” and almost on cue, she began dribbling out of her Sissy clit. I clapped my happiness and smacked her on the ass, showing my approval.

I slowed down the fucking machine… and it gradually stopped… and I maneuvered sweet Brigette off the cock and she nearly fell forward on her belly. I used a towel to wipe her pretty pussy and the area where she squirted her milk, took off the condom and threw it into a trash can someone held out for me and then crawled up beside her, holding her gently. She nuzzled my neck, and I coo’d and hummed to her as she enjoyed her afterglow. Someone brought her some orange juice and water.

I could tell she was coming more into her body because she started talking, slowly at first, and then she got quite chatty. She told me, over and over, how much fun she had, that she hadn’t ever felt a fucking like that before. I said it would be a long time before she ever did.

We spent the rest of the night watching different Scenes. Then, when my Sissy Friend was ready again, I told her it was my turn to fuck her.

I couldn’t wait.

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6 comments to Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)

  • jagoff

    Another wickedly hot story, Mistress Daphne. You sure do know how to have a good time!

  • Daphne

    My dearest jagoff,

    So glad you found that hot… even though you aren’t a Sissy. Makes me very happy! Thank you for reading and responding!

  • Petey cream puff

    That’s hot what you did to your sissy! Love how you take guys and dress them up and turn them into your sissy!

  • kneel cc

    Mistress, i love Your writing. You capture my fantasies even better than i do! i just wish i hadn’t read this on the first odd day of two in a row. Thanks for all the edges it will provide by Tuesday. Of course You know i would have asked for You before the fucking machine. 😉

  • Mistress Amber

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching horny subs on cam show me all the naughty things they do, and some of them are definitely trying their hands at making fucking machines. If there is a accessible DIY vid to get more pleasure from solo sex play, I say ‘Full speed ahead’ for sure! Hot post……makes me want to go to a sex party, Miss Daphne!

    • Daphne

      Would that be the most fun ever to watch one of our girls using the fucking machine?!? And to do a 2-Mistress call with you while watching?! Holy fuck what fun that would be!

      Thanks so much for writing and so glad you enjoyed my experience!

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