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Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

I love when I talk to you girls who wear bras, especially to sleep, putting in your breast forms that make you all the more girlie.

“Seeing” Your Breasts

You all expect to see your breasts every time you look down, yes? Even in those man clothes society insists you wear, you can just “feel” those breasts on your chest. It can be quite disconcerting when you pass by a mirror or some reflective glass and those sweet mounds are not there.

How long have you felt those invisible breasts? Since you were very very young? Since puberty? Or has the need for them come as you’ve grown older.

Have you told anyone of your feelings? Your needs? Your desires? Or do you save your thoughts and experiences for us Mistresses? I love when you share with me, telling me about your private goings-on after you shed those masculine clothes.

Sleeping in a Bra

So, when you do your get-ready-for-bed ritual, after your lavender bath and putting your panties on, you reach for that bra, hooking the back, sliding it around, putting your arms in… and you look in the mirror.

One more thing needs to be added.

Breast forms!

Breast Forms

Whether you wear standard sizes:

Or you love Bimbo size:

Putting your breasts into the cups of the bra can bring a sense of calmness.


All is right with the world.

Sleeping With Your Breasts

It is one of the most wonderful things I hear about, how when you sleep with your filled bra… and wake up in the morning… you look down, seeing your breasts, and you get an immediate smile on your face.

Even if it is just a few suspended moments, you look exactly how you feel inside.

I would love to hear how you came to wearing breast forms, how often you wear them and how they make you feel. I love your sharing your sissy experiences with me!

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7 comments to Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

  • Petey cream puff

    I have been wearing my d cup breast forms filling out my d cup bra when I go to bed everynight with my pink slip and one of my dresses. Ms Emma talked me into getting breast forms and I’m glad she did! Waking up they are stuck to my chest and are so perky/firm/bouncy and real. It reminds me that I really am a cream puff girl and it’s who I am and become. It make me sleep in side and I sleep so much better. If I could I’d wear them 24/7. Honestly I wish I was born a girl. I sooo want to find a wonen to keep me this way all the time. My masseuse has me smelling pretty with perfunes/lotions she uses on me/had me try on my dresses for her as well measuring/fitting and keeping me in bra and has said she wants pictures of me like this. I’ve yet to mention I wear breast forms filling out my bra as I don’t want to freak her out. I want to though but afraid what her reaction will be.

    • You would not freak her out. I promise.

      Wear the forms there one time!

      You will be delighted at her response.

      • Petey cream puff

        My masseuse knows all about my dressing as I mentioned she had me bring in my dresses to try on for her with measuring fitting me in bra. I think she would check me in if I showed up in my breast forms with my d cup bra. She had masctomy last year and has gone through a lot. I want to but am afraid though 😢😧😞😢😧😧😞. We are perfect for one another with one exception. She’s married and I don’t want to ruin her marriage/get in trouble. She is accepting that I do like to wear women’s clothes and has taken control of what I spend. I’m fine with that as I agreed. So I am in female lead relationship with her.

      • Petey cream puff

        I just texted my masseuse about trying on blushes/foundation/lipsticks on me and she said she would do this!!😀😅😂.

  • Ms Daphne, you are so supportive and encouraging of our sissies. They are so fortunate to have you as their female guide. Just make sure you don’t create any fanatics by pushing the “bimbo” size on too many of them.

    • Oh, Ms. Cindy! Thank you so much. You are wondrous with our girls, too… I hear about your work/kindnesses so know it’s true.

      And you are absolutely correct on the Bimbo-Size tits. They are not my first, second or third choice, but you know how some girls are… they just need them making a shadow for every heel-step they make.

      hugging my friend

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