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Scanning the Sex Party Participants

I went to a Sex Party with my subby boy a couple of weeks ago, thinking we’d have some fun together. What I did not expect was to meet an older gentleman with whom I could taunt, tease and embarrass.

All because of his teeny tiny dick.

Setting the Stage

During Introductions, folks disclose what they want to do for the evening. Men often say they want an erotic massage. Well, of course they do! They are touched by several pairs of hands as they, first, lay on their bellies, then turn over and, not only do they get a wonderful massage, they also get a handjob. Delicious!

After Introductions, we all “Dress Down,” the time when we shift out of our street clothes and reveal our sweet lingerie or, as many choose to do, get naked. I wore just a thong, running around topless much of the night.

I was happily dragging along my subby boy… who did naughty things himself way later in the evening. I had stationed him against a wall, on a soft mat, allowing him to watch two activities going on at once: the first was the woman giving the “Electric Blowjobs.” She wears a Violet Wand (…”low current, high voltage [min 35 kV to max 65 kV typically], high-frequency electricity to the body.”) and then gives blowjobs, giving electric shocks through the mens’ most sensitive area.

The second location he was permitted to gaze upon was one of the massage tables that had a steady stream of men receiving an erotic massage. He was not allowed to touch himself, but was to just sit and observe.

Hand It Over

I wandered around, looking for something (or someone!) to entertain me.

Looking way over there, standing across the room, was a solitary man, hand down inside his tight satin boxers. I knew damn well why he hadn’t taken his shorts off yet, why he was alone with his hand surreptitiously tucked away.

He, I was sure, had a dicklet.

Beelining it for Mr. Hand-in-His-Pants, I sidled up next to him and introduced myself. He did not offer his hand for me to shake. (I laughed inside about that.) I wasted no time.

“Whatcha got in there, hon?”

Even though it was quite dimmed in the room, I could see the embarrassment flush his cheeks as he stammered, “My dick.” I asked to see what he had hidden from view… well, in my best Mistress voice I “asked.” It really was more of a command. I leaned towards him, trying to peek inside.

He inhaled deeply, then pushed his pants downward, revealing his body’s Primary Sex Characteristics.

“That’s IT?! That’s all you’ve got to offer?! No fucking wonder you were hiding your genitals!”

I began laughing… and the more I laughed, the larger the crowd around us grew.

Grew… something his little tiny dicklet, clearly had not done.



SPH in Part 2… SOON!

8 comments to Scanning the Sex Party Participants

  • li'l chris

    This posting took my breath away. On the edge of the edge for the next part.

    • “How do you write like you’re -Running out of time? -Write day and night like you’re -Running out of time?” Hamilton: An American Musical

      Writing as fast as I can!

      • li'l chris

        I appreciate your fervor. The next part, now posted, certainly did not disappoint, although the appendage in his pants did, other than for it’s humor and humiliation value. As to Hamilton’s penmanship (a dying if not dead art), biographer Ron Chernow, described it this way from Hamilton’s contemporary sources: “beautiful, clear, flowing hand.”

        Mistress, your words in keystrokes are their equal.

        • squeeeee

          Chernow has become a new favorite author of mine. My subby boy and I have read through Hamilton & Washington and are working through a couple of other books before tackling his The Warburgs. I love that you’ve read him, as well!

          You flatter me in ways only my subby boy has done in ages. Can you see my furious blush?

          Thank you! You are becoming quite the frequent delight, boy.

  • Too funny. I’m curious, what did you see in his pants? ( I already know) HAha! Men find it, erotically charging when the woman is affirming in her commands. For some, guys the best sex happens when he is reenacting his fantasy through humiliation. It makes for a more enjoyable orgasm.

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