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Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

Race Play, et al.

I read something recently that said:

Only in porn can racism, sexism, the fetishization of the LGBTQ community and sizeism continue. Outside porn, these things are so politically volatile as to spark untold derision if they dare be brought up.

Oh, how true this sentiment is!

“But, But, But…

“But I am not a racist!”

I know you aren’t! You aren’t racist. You aren’t sexist. You aren’t hateful to the LGBTQ community and you do not mock people of size, whether thin OR fat.

Yet your fantasies have a mind of their own, right?

  • You think about sucking Big Black Cock.
  • You love the idea of having sex with an Asian transwoman.
  • You think about sucking a cock and being called gay epithets.

Does this make you a bad person?


Race Play, et al. & Shame

I will BEG you (yes, a Mistress sometimes begs)… BEG you… to toss your shame. Throw it in the rubbish pile. If you struggle with holding onto it, give it to me and I will get rid of it for you.

Be free with your imagination and fantasies! Do not censor them. As long as you are not hurting anyone, let them run amok.

Fantasize about being the white submissive to a Black Dominant. Put yourself in the middle of a group of T-girls, sucking their dicks and admiring their tits. Tear up those taboos on your childhood religion with blasphemous play.

Again, as long as you are not hurting anyone, GET OFF ON WHATEVER YOU THINK ABOUT!

And enjoy!

11 comments to Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Sorry i like red heads with really hard nipples way more than any bbc or whatever else

    • Why would you apologize?

      A preference for redheads is a fetish as well! Just because I didn’t put it directly in the piece, doesn’t mean it isn’t fetishized by someone!

      As I said… ENJOY!

  • Great piece. This is where some of the mixing in from fantasy to reality comes in. In a lot of cases those who are sexist, racist or homophobic are the ones who are submissive, have race related kinks and are Closeted. Hopefully as a society we can progress to where none of this is ever taboo. ❤️💜

  • Tea Bag

    Racism might involve fetishizing, but fetishizing isn’t necessarily racist (or any -ist).

    • Did you write that, TB? I would like to use it. Did someone else say/write it?

      That is one of the best lines I have ever seen about the issue.

      Thank you thank you for sharing it.

  • Miss Daphne, that was a topic I had not really given much thought to prior to reading your post. Perhaps the vanilla straight community could learn something from us about having fun and respect at the same time?

  • Awesome, thought provoking post Ms. Daphne! We are lucky to be part of this community at LDW where all types of fantasies can live. Everyone has their “fetishes”. What turns one person on, doesn’t do it for another.The vanilla community can have their missionary position sex while we enjoy all brands of kink!

  • What a Great subject to touch upon and a highly interesting one to boot.

    I have quite a few Slaves who want to have racial epithets thrown at them and I remember vividly my first encounter with such a request many years ago.

    I was raised in a household that was very strict regarding using any sort of slur directed at a person or group no matter what their race, creed, color or sexual preference was.

    Due to my upbringing and where I was initially raised it was very surprising and so difficult the first time I did that. Call it Pavlovian but it was one of the few things that I would call a “hurdle” when I first started as a Dominatrix.

    The irony that I am now very skilled at this sort of abuse always tickles me.

    Thank you so much for writing this!

    • Ohhhh, Ms. Anna… having bi-racial folks in my immediate family, you can imagine the same experience I had that you did. I cried the first time I had to use the epithets. I was like: I should wash my own mouth out with soap! Now, though… I can use it as easily as the color words. As I am sure you are the same here, too, never in a bazillion years could I imagine those words falling out of my mouth or even presenting in my mind! I was just not raised that way either.

      Thank you for saying that.


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