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When It’s Nipple-y Outside

It is winter time, the season when our nipples stand erect without any physical stimulation at all.

Winter’s Chill

Do you look at women’s tits, hoping to see their hard nipples when they take their coats off? Do hard nipples make another part of you hard? What do you think when you can see them? Do you want to reach out and pinch them? Take them in your mouth and nibble on them gently?

Or do you wish you had those hard nipples? You want to have breasts you can admire in clothes… and out of them. Breast forms help with that desire, but there’s nothing like the real thing, right?

That Pointy Feeling

I suspect having hard nipples as a woman must be something like when men get them, too. But, I can’t help but think that with more flesh, women’s nipple erections feel a whole lot better. I’ll speak for myself (and my friends who I’ve asked, too)… my nipples get tight and crinkly, the sensation flowing from front to back on my breasts, more sensitive on the front end, it lessening the further back it goes.

Being in Miami, I have to work hard (hehe) to make my nipples taut… and feeling good. One of my favorite cold places is in one of the giant warehouse shopping stores, inside the room that they keep freezing cold for the fruit and vegetables. I stand at the threshold where the icy air blows both ways, my skirt blowing up and my nips able to cut glass.

I’d love to hear about your nipple-y experiences, too!

Talk to me!

12 comments to When It’s Nipple-y Outside

  • W

    Thank you for writing this Ms. Daphne… My nipples literally are always hard and sensitive.. One if my favorite treatments from a phone sex Mistress ever was alternating polishing those lil apples alternating between sand paper and a toothbrush..

    • Wheeeee!

      I love that! It’s great the post made you think of those ways to annoy your nipples, too (while entertaining your Mistress!).

      How lucky you are to have permanently hard nipples.


  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve started wearing d cup breast forms every night and they are so firm/bouncy/perky and real!!! It’s taken time to get used to them but having breasts are great as they fill out my bra.
    With my slip/dress/sweater/silk blouse on it feels and fits so much better on me. Just looking at myself in mirror dressed up all soft and smooth I have the perfect build wearing women’s clothes as I’ve accepted that I’m a cream puff girl.

    Ps my masseuse gave me makeover/put lipstick on me and took pictures with her phone. She told me to accept who I am and become. I agreed can with her and going to have her take pictures of me every month wearing dresses/tops/slip/bra/panties/lipstick/
    makeup. She also has me using same women’s facial lotion she uses to keep my face girlish soft. With all of this happening I’m her cream puff girl.

  • Princess

    Hi Ms. Daphne – I’ve never talked to you but happened to look at your post. I find seeing women with erect nipples incredibly erotic. Later in the day I often end up masturbating just thinking about it. I’ve developed a huge crush on a woman in our neighborhood partly because she has large nipples that seem to get easily erect (there are other reasons too 🙂 ). Once a poor woman in front of me in line at the grocery checkout had erect nipples; she was struggling with a basket of stuff and her purse strap ran between her breasts pulling everything taut, and I could see that one cup of her bra had been pulled below her nipple and I could discern the knobbly texture of her nipple. This was years ago and I still remember it clearly!

    I truly don’t mean to be creepy or anything, I just find these random sights incredibly erotic. I do enjoy wearing bras and panties but for me the excitement is in pretending to be a woman; I don’t want to actually have breasts. I realize that I am in just one location on a spectrum. Thank you for your interesting post from a woman’s point of view. And since I’ve never spoken with you, I’ll say I assume your awesome because all the LDW women are absolutely awesome!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I wear high heels and panties and walk. Around the house pinching and pulling on my nipples with my wig on. Sometimes i would truly love to have breasts and my penis removed. I am pinching and pulling on my nipples as we speak. I have used a dildo to push my penis back inside myself wearing panty hose at my knees.There are photos on internet out there somewhere

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I wear a 34c silicone breast form.What size are you.I also wear an artificial vaginia under panty hose no pantys while wearing a mini skirt

  • Oh my!, Daphne!!!!! Such an exciting post!!! I LUV LUV it when my nipples get hard and I lick my fingers and caress them!! This post made everything hard!!! LV LUV!

  • Gem Sissy

    My nipples are small but susceptible to being sucked. I can only dream about how much more sensitive and pleasurable it would be to have full breasts with proper nipples that get hard and grow! Just the fantasy is making something else try to get hard and grow in my panties!

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