Have you ever thought of having a flogging session?

A Mistress Daphne Flogging

I do not typically flog my submissives as a punishment. Most of that reasoning is that submissives love to be spanked, love my lavishing attention on their bottoms and the backs of their upper thighs.

Instead of a flogging for punishment, I tend to use banishment… more than a timeout, it is a specific period apart, without my attention. This forces the naughty submissive some time for introspection, and when I choose to give them my attention again, they can tell me what their thoughts and insights are regarding their disgraceful behavior.

But, if you’ve been a very good subbie, I will reward you with one of my way-big-fun floggings. I love flogging! I love being flogged. And I really love giving a flogging.

Flogging Tools

Below, I share the wide variety of floggers, from softest to most dramatic. There are two types of flogging experiences: “Thuddy” and “Bitey.” I prefer thuddy (for my ass) but will go from thuddy TO bitey/sting-y with the bottom under me.

Rabbit Fur Flogger

The easiest and most luscious flogger is made from furs. Deliciously soft and without any pain whatsoever, rabbit fur is a sweet beginning to what might turn into a really intense session.


Rabbit Fur

Rabbit Mixed With Suede

Building up slowly, this having some suede to add weight to the throw, it still would not be painful at all, just putting a little more sensation than the Rabbit alone.

Rabbit & Suede

Many-Strand Flogger

This one below is a 100-Tail Flogger made from soft suede. See the thinner strands? Being flogged with this one would definitely be thuddy, but not very damaging to the muscles or flesh. Still pretty benign.

100-Strand Thinner Strand Suede

Thicker Many-Tailed Flogger

Now, this flogger? See the thicker strands compared to the purple one above? Fuck, this would be so much fun to work with. I have had some of my best sessions with floggers like this. They can cause some “heavy massage” to the muscles, rendering your body sore and possibly bruised the next morning.

whimpering with desire

100-Tail Suede Flogger

Leather Tails

When we move from suede to leather strands, this ups the ante considerably, moving from thuddy to bitey just changing parts of the cow used. Some people love bitey floggers on their butts and thighs (sometimes back, but I am always wary of flogging the back because an accidental wrong throw can hit the kidneys). I still like to start softer and move to bitey gradually. It is usually quite an alarming switch from suede to leather; welcome for lots of folks.

Leather Tails

Rope Flogger

Because I do not like bitey, I have never been flogged with the next three floggers.

Some people salivate looking at this rope flogger… with knots on the end. Owie zowie! Bitey for sure.

Rope Flogger (with Knots)

Rubber Flogger

Holy fuck, these things are sting-y. Even though I have never had one used by someone else on my butt or thighs, I have thwapped the thing on my own thigh… and OW!

Rubber Flogger

The Bitey Bitey Cat O’Nine Tails

A Cat O’Nine Tails, which are bitey enough on their own, this one is braided (extra painful) and has a snake tongue end (REALLY painful). (Most snake tongue ends look just like a snake tongue, but this one does not exactly.)

This is about as bitey a flogger that I would use on someone else. I am a Sadist, but I am not that Sadistic.

When this Cat is thrown, not only do the strands hit and hurt, but the tips curl a split second after the tails do and bite like a snake would. Hard. Hard. Stinging something fierce.

Cat O’Nine Tails with Snake Tongue Ends

Downright Cruel Floggers

(Yes, that is my own judgment… many, many would not see it that way.)

I am not going to show the spectrum of really damaging floggers. If you are interested, feel free to look up “evil floggers” and entertain yourself.


I would love to talk to you about any aspects of Impact Play… and clearly, about floggers as well. Whatever you do with them, BE SAFE!

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