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Meeting My New TGirl Friend

With family in town, we traveled from Miami to Orlando yesterday and, as usual, I needed to stop at a Rest Area not long after we left the house.

Meeting a TGirl

It was still somewhat dark, but the sky beginning to see light; everyone else was asleep in the car. I got out and saw before me a TGirl. She was not what one would call “passable,” and I adore women who don’t give one fuck about society… they are gonna be themselves no matter what.

An aside:


TGirls are what I call Transwomen (and the spectrum can include Transgender women, Cross Dressers, Sissies, etc.). The other names, typically found in porn, are not the kindest to transwomen, so I am not wont to use them. I stick to TGirls and those of you who talk to me typically begin to use the term as well… which makes me and the transwomen very happy!

Aside ended.

I headed her way in a purposeful manner, smiling as she looked up from the concrete table where she was sitting, sipping what seemed to be hot coffee. She smiled back and when I came up to her, I asked if I might sit with her for a few minutes.

She said, “Sure!”

Her voice low and morning-scruffy, I told her I loved that she was as out as she was being this morning.

With droll amusement, she asked, “Oh. Can you tell I am not a woman?”

I said, “I beg to differ. You are a woman, just not a ciswoman.

I giggled a bit and said I was quite familiar with the trans community, my former partner having been a transman and being in the LGBTQ community since I was 17-years old. She waggled her perfectly plucked eyebrows and said she was happy to meet me, that not many people understood why she would go out in the world when she didn’t pass (for a ciswoman). I told her I “got” her very well and smiled a huge smile.

My New TGirlFriend

She and I talked for way too long… I could see the sun rising higher and knew everyone in the car would eventually wake up, but I just didn’t want to go! We talked about where she lived (the Northeast), when and how she came out to family and work and friends… and then how could we stay in touch. She put my name, phone number and email address in her phone and I did the same thing. We promised to keep in touch.

I know I sure will!

13 comments to Meeting My New TGirl Friend

  • Ms Daphne, that is such a wonderful story of how you met your newest friend. Trans girls are hot and I am always impressed by people (men and women) who are not afraid to be themselves.

  • Mistress Amber

    I absolutely love meeting new people. There’s really nothing better, especially when all of us are so different and it’s the best way to learn about diversity and truly cherish the beauty in it. I’m glad that you took the time to share this story with us!

    • Ms. Amber!

      I agree! Meeting others… especially those not like me at all… really helps my mind embrace others who are different. Whether it is gender, sexuality, abilities, sizes, mental abilities… any of those or more!, I want to learn Learn LEARN!

      I love that you are like that, too!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE tgirls!
    Those are some of my most interesting friends …
    remember I told you about my she male experience as one of my favorite Bucket List items?

    It’s WAY too naughty to repeat on your blog …
    and besides, we already talked about it ….
    but DAMN this post brings it all back VIVIDLY so THANK YOU !!

    • laughing to Ms. Olivia

      You and I and our TGirls!

      For those that do not know, Ms. Olivia is a Mistress with experience for our T-Friends. huge smile

      Ask her about them/you!

  • Ms. Daphne, Great post!

    Since I met you, I KNEW you were a social butterfly, and I just love that! I also love love love to meet new people and get to know our differences and the similarities that connect us. Thanks for telling you about your new T-Girl Friend!!

    Ms. Delia

    • Ms. Delia,

      Imagine us together at that Rest Area! We would have had to call for a car for the 3 of us to go to Orlando!


      I love that you are as much of a social butterfly as I. Kindred spirits!

  • TGirls are awesome, but what’s even more awesome is you. I love it when someone can tell Society to go fuck itself, but people like you are still a part of the big picture, and we need people like that. You are needed. I’m sure you and your new friend will have a blast getting to know each other. Hopefully, we’ll hear some updates from time to time of how your friendship is blossoming.

    • Ms. Alexis,

      blushing furiously

      Thank you, but I know ALL of us Mistresses here have a hand in helping T-Folks feel comfortable in their skin, you included!

      I know that each of us, here and in our real lives, do so much for our T-Friends (and kinky folks, too!). Thank YOU, too.


  • Tea Bag

    It’s a lovely story. Mistress Daphne, but I’m now wonder whether you don’t want us to use the word ‘sissy’, when if that’s so, I had no idea.

  • Rob

    Very nice Ms Daphne … not to mention what great writing skills you have. You’re awesome Ms D!

  • Mistress Daphne,

    This story really warms my heart to read that there are people like you out there that are amazingly supportive. I wish there were more just like you. ❤️

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