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Time Travel – Where Would You Go?

Time Travel: Anachronism

So many of you talk to me about your favorite sexual experiences; I wonder if you would time travel back to do it again.

time travel

Traveling Back to Sexiness

Whether as a virgin or you being in crazy head-over-heels in love or even the hottest trick you’ve ever been with… you wax poetic about the sexual energy shared before the first touch, then how it feels to have your lips touch, that first French kiss… long, languorous… seemingly endless. Your hands meet, you each begin feeling each other, the gentle fondling that turns to groping, the energy rising higher and higher, along with your erection and her wet pussy.

Oh, and when you have some sort of physical, sexual connection with each other, you touch her/she touches you. The energy amplifies even more.

And finally, FINALLY, there is the actual intercourse. Ahhhhh


Do you wish you could do some sexual experiences over again? Not just replaying them in your mind as you wank, but really, really travel backward and have a do-over. Know how to eat pussy or suck a cock better? Do you wish you hadn’t cum so fast? Do you wish your partner knew how to pleasure you better?

Several of my experiences would benefit from a time travel do-over.

Losing my virginity was ghastly and so nothing pleasant. My sex partner being gay certainly didn’t help. I wish I’d have known how to please men and women earlier, but acknowledge those skills are on a pretty steep learning curve and the lack of knowledge just can’t be helped. I wish I could have seen the difference between sex & love, not taking every sexual encounter so dang seriously.


What about you? What would you do over?

Do tell!

8 comments to Time Travel – Where Would You Go?

  • I wish I could go back to when I was 19/20 years old and experimented with guys and feminizing myself. Back then it was curiousity that I thought was just a stage that would go away as I got older. The curiosity never went away. I eventually acted on it and went further down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t until after I got married that I realized it wasn’t a stage. I think if I had acted on my urges back when I was 19/20 that I would be more of the sissy I am.

  • Petey cream puff

    If I knew now what I did then I would’ve been more outgoing in asking girls out😡😢😞. If I would’ve done that I feel the crossdressing/forced feminization would’ve happened much earlier. But it did happen on bus ride home where girl sat next to me put blush/perfume/lipstick on me. Also my step mom put her arms around and gave me lipstick kisses on my cheeks then had me go to bathroom to see lipsticks marks on my cheeks but not to wipe them off then sat on my lap and gave me more lipstick kisses. I sooo miss those days and sooo want that to happen again.

  • Mistress Amber

    Oh, if time travel was real, I don’t have to think for long about where I would go! It would definitely be back to the 60’s. It was such a time for revolution, music and sex! I’d just find a cute boy, shack up for a bit, go to Woodstock and then hang out and live free, be right in the whole disco scene. MORE great music there, too!

  • jim

    when I was a bit younger a female friend i had a crush on asked me to put on panties and a camisole for her. i had never been asked anything like that before and I was taken off guard totally and I froze. She looked at me and in a very serious but calm voice said “when i tell you to do something you do it…”. I had never had a female speak to me quite that way. It “did something” I cannot explain to my brain. I have thought about that experience a billion times.

    • Oh, jim… that story was delicious! It’s what I call “The Lightswitch Moment“… when there was a single moment that your lightswitch went CLICK in your brain that triggered your kink/fetish. Not everybody has them, so I love that you know yours.

      Thank you for sharing with us!

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