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For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

You know I looovvvveeee when we talk about you hamper divers, but I must caution you NOT to break into someone’s house and steal them!

Breaking, Entering and Stealing Panties

This judge outside New York City was arrested for doing just that.

(District Judge Robert) Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s house in East Islip. A 23-year-old woman was home alone at the time and identified Cicale as the intruder, according to media reports.

Cicale was allegedly in possession of soiled women’s underwear when police arrived at the scene and told police that he had stolen the garments during previous break-ins.

A caller told me about the news coverage in and around New York City and how it has been merciless with judgment and laughter. The judge himself talked about the compulsion to get the soiled panties, how overwhelming it was.

We Totally Understand

We Mistresses totally get it. We understand those drives to find dirty panties and do naughty things with them. We know how tempting it is to dig into your boss’ wife’s hamper when you are over there for a pool party. We know all about how you “borrow” your family member’s panties for a while, returning them when you have filled the need that ebbs and flows.


Depending on where the hamper is might help you make the decision about whether you give in to the compulsion or not.

Hidden camera in the houseplant. You would never know if you were not told.

Many, many people have cameras around their homes now. They can be obvious like a ball attached to the wall or sitting on the TV, or it can be as hidden as in an outlet socket, in lamps… even in toys that happen to be laying around on the floor.

The one place hardly anyone puts them is in the bathroom, unless, of course, they have a whole different fetish. If the hamper you’re eyeing is in a bedroom, be very cautious about digging in there lest there be a camera close. If it is in the bathroom, close the door and you might be safe, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone really suspicious or naughty to put a cam in there as well.

Take Away?

I would never tell you not to indulge, but I beg you to think even as your compulsion is driving you towards those dirty panties.

We Mistresses care about you too much to see you get your face in the newspaper.

4 comments to For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

  • I was a hamper diver a few times in my college dorm laundry room. Though I was never caught it was a thrill stealing and wearing skimpy panties I stole. I’ve grown out of that and buy my own instead which is a different thrill 😉

  • Mistress Amber

    This is a great blog for all of our readers, because you never what you might be stumbling into! I have used a cam before for a different reason but could have easily caught someone else doing something unrelated….hmmm. Maybe I should set my cam up again and see what happens!

  • Ms Daphne, fetishes, like hamper diving, are very powerful and drive people to takes risks most others would soon avoid. One thing is certain, however, if the fetish is publicly revealed, it’s the people laughing the loudest who are hiding the most.

  • Yes, yes. Getting caught stealing panties is a fun FANTASY to share with your Mistress, but breaking the law is not really the way you want to enjoy your fetish. The humiliation of being caught by Mistress is 100% different than that of being caught by the police and having your business splashed across the news. 🙁

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