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Clean Sheets (aka I Went OUT!)

I pretty much took the day off on Thursday in anticipation of the weekend, my busiest days of the week.

Clean Sheets

I cleaned, did laundry, watered the plants, raked the yard, went to Pilates, then later, a Yoga class. After that, I took a well-earned nap on my just-changed clean sheets.

I love my gorgeous, Queen-size 4-poster bed. On it, I have 1500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, fuchsia and orange sherbet-colored pillowcases and my 100% down comforter with a specially-made cotton orange and fuchsia tie dye duvet cover. I have matching (colors; nothing is exactly the same) half a dozen throw pillows and a fuchsia and orange blanket across the bottom.

clean sheets

Heading Out

I was restless late on Thursday night, wanting to have some cock in my mouth, so I headed out to a local club of mixed genders, races and sexualities.

It didn’t take long until I realized my eyes were languishing on an older Latinx man… darker than lighter… and one whose cock created an outline in his white jeans. Tight white jeans.

I loved what I saw.

I rolled my hips to the música latina playing and began gyrating towards him. He saw me a few feet from him, turned from his male dance partner and we began undulating together. I made sure to slide my hand over his hardening cock while looking in his eyes.

I know I licked my lips.

Not-So-Clean Sheets

I brought him home to my bungalow, my bed, laid him down on my pretty fuchsia and orange sheets… my clean sheets… then I proceeded to mess them up, but good.

Once he left, I stripped the bed, sat down to write while the washing machine and dryer re-cleaned the sheets I would sleep on in an hour.

I slept like an angel.


2 comments to Clean Sheets (aka I Went OUT!)

  • Goddess Mandy

    Mmmmmm Ms.Daphne…that older latin man that enjoyed you AND your lovely 1500 count Egyptian cotton sheets was very lucky, very lucky indeed!!! Both he and your bed sound simply delicious…I of course already know that you my dear are!!! 🙂 And you know…sometimes messes are a very very good thing, lol!

  • It’s funny how dirtying sheets and cleaning them up again can help one sleep like a (naughty) angel! I must say you have exquisite taste in cock. For all the hype around the fabled BBC, I feel that delicious brown cock gets left out of the mix. It is ever so tasty, however, and not to be neglected!

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