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New FREE Audios UP!

I went crazy and added a slew of new Audios to my Audios Page!

What Topics Do I Cover?

Nine NEW Audios… yes, NINE!

All Free!

Everything from Sissification to Cocksucking to being a good submissive boy… I like . . . → Read More: New FREE Audios UP!

Mistress Foot Worship

Living in Miami, I typically wear open-toed sandals or wedge-heeled shoes. It’s just so darned hot! However, when I know I am going to be meeting with one of you delightful foot fetish boys or girls, I am devilish and will throw on some pantyhose or stockings before heading out for the day.

Foot . . . → Read More: Mistress Foot Worship

Masturbation & Guilt

When I was about 18-years old, I became a Born-Again Christian. I’d already been going to the gay bars for a couple of years, lived with 8 gay men, been indoctrinated at the Glory Holes and had had sex with many men, both gay and straight. I had also slept with a couple of women . . . → Read More: Masturbation & Guilt

Masturbating for an Audience (Part 1)

It’s Masturbation May!

LDW has some awesome Specials for you guys. Many of us are writing blog posts related to this most personal experience ALL of us share! Here is one of mine.

Masturbating for an Audience

If you’ve spent any time with me in Session, you know I will ask some terribly . . . → Read More: Masturbating for an Audience (Part 1)

Mistress Daphne on Her Knees

(There is the usual disclaimer of safety of Self and Health. Protect yourself in the way that fits your lifestyle. Condoms are not unusual at Glory Holes so don’t feel self-conscious if it is something you prefer.)

It’s no secret how much I love sucking cock. Eating cum. And, most especially, having fun with . . . → Read More: Mistress Daphne on Her Knees

Mistress Daphne’s “Business Card”

I wondered what my business card would look like if I had one. So I made one!

Hand it out willy-nilly!

What LDW & Gandhi Have in Common (Audio Included!)

A profound business principle is commonly attributed to Mohandas Gandhi. We’ll just assume it was Gandhi for the sake of argument. (For the real story, read to the end and follow the link.)

Our beloved Mistress Ally sent the wonderful statements to all of us Mistresses at LDW, reminding us who really is The . . . → Read More: What LDW & Gandhi Have in Common (Audio Included!)

2-Mistress Call with EmmaJane

Last night, Mistress EmmaJane and I had the most wonderful, hilarious call I can remember in a long time. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

And the caller had a blast, too. Quite literally.


Cock Sucking Safely (Audio Included!)

It is no secret how much I love cock sucking. I was lucky to learn from my gay friends when I was in my late teens and love to pass on the skills to others.

It is so common for you straight guys to fantasize about cock sucking, I am no longer surprised . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Safely (Audio Included!)

Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)

I was cummed out, but in came my sissy friend, brigette, and I felt my second wind rising. She was wearing the sweetest pink swirly dress, thigh high white stockings…

and the cutest pair of Marc Jacobs vinyl shoes.

I ran over to her (I was still naked from being fucked silly . . . → Read More: Sissy Fun at the Sex Party (Audio Included)