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SPH: A Dick’s Biggest Fear

In “Scanning the Sex Party Participants,” I began the story of part of my evening at the Sex Party a couple of weeks ago. Ending with my peering into a man’s silk shorts, then demanding he take those boxers off.

“He inhaled deeply, then pushed his pants downward…. “That’s IT?! That’s all you’ve got . . . → Read More: SPH: A Dick’s Biggest Fear

Scanning the Sex Party Participants

I went to a Sex Party with my subby boy a couple of weeks ago, thinking we’d have some fun together. What I did not expect was to meet an older gentleman with whom I could taunt, tease and embarrass.

All because of his teeny tiny dick.

Setting the Stage

During Introductions, folks disclose . . . → Read More: Scanning the Sex Party Participants

SPH: Examining Your Dicklet

So, what kind of dicklet do you have?

A short, stubby one? A gherkin? A small one? A micropenis? An innie?

Whatever it is, it’s a…


I know you boys and girls with those tiny dicklets. You masturbate with 2 fingers, not with a whole hand like a real man does. . . . → Read More: SPH: Examining Your Dicklet

Ballet Class: Pirouettes!

You’ve been at class for a couple of weeks now. My spy watches, then reports back to me each evening when you are tucked into your sissy-pink canopy bed, sleeping.


After this particular class, the spy didn’t want to call to tell me what had happened. Instead, she insisted on coming over . . . → Read More: Ballet Class: Pirouettes!