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Fag Hag: One Each

I am deLIGHTed that so many of my boys and girls are figuring out what a Fag Hag I really am.

Even though I do not identify as heterosexual, but Sapiosexual on an LGBTQ spectrum, I have, as you know if you’ve dug deep enough in this blog, hung out with gay men . . . → Read More: Fag Hag: One Each

Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth

I began writing this post before June 12, 2016 when the Pulse shooting in Orlando occurred. I am hyper-aware of the apprehension… worries… even terror… several of you have already expressed to me… with thoughts of something similar happening while you are out-of-town dressed to the nines. I could not possibly discuss this distress in this . . . → Read More: Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth

Sex, Gender & Sexual Orientation – What’s the Difference?

I was asked this question so often, I decided I needed to write the answer down so I/we could refer to it often.

Happily, LDW gave the post its own spot for a reference and I am glad to share that here!


Gender Terms and What They Mean

Part of the post . . . → Read More: Sex, Gender & Sexual Orientation – What’s the Difference?

Burying My Face (With Audio!)

Ah, yes… how easily I remember my first pussy experience, just like most of you, too, I suspect.

I was 18. Kelly was 21. We met at a gay bar/hotel and met while on the disco dance floor. She was so tall! And beautiful. She had long curly hair, wildly sweaty as she . . . → Read More: Burying My Face (With Audio!)

About Enchantrix Daphne

Yes! I am the new girl at the moment, but that won’t last long. For now, though, I will tell you a little about who I am so you can get to know me.

Florida Girl

I am a Florida native living in Miami Beach. I love the beach and spend a great deal . . . → Read More: About Enchantrix Daphne