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Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

In Part 1, I began the discussion between how challenging it can be when our religious upbringing brings shame and embarrassment with our sexual needs and drives.

But, sometimes the decision between religion and our kinks/fetishes collide and choosing one over the other needs to be made.

I need to say something here… stress . . . → Read More: Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 1)

Not everyone calls for an orgasm. In fact, one of the most common non-sex calls is when the person feels pulled between their religion and their kinks or fetishes.

NOTE: This will not be religion-bashing, nor blasphemous,

but a very real dilemma many, many folks work with and through.

. . . → Read More: Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 1)

For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

You know I looovvvveeee when we talk about you hamper divers, but I must caution you NOT to break into someone’s house and steal them!

Breaking, Entering and Stealing Panties

This judge outside New York City was arrested for doing just that.

(District Judge Robert) Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a . . . → Read More: For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

I love when I talk to you girls who wear bras, especially to sleep, putting in your breast forms that make you all the more girlie.

“Seeing” Your Breasts

You all expect to see your breasts every time you look down, yes? Even in those man clothes society insists you wear, you can just . . . → Read More: Sissies Having “Breasts” (Where Are Yours?)

I Love Sex!

I had a recent caller say to me, “I read your blog… and you love sex!”

I Do Love Sex!

Give me what you’ve got.

Masturbation? (check)

Playing with toys? (check) Watching others have sex? (check) Being watched having sex? (check) Deep kissing? (check) Necking with clothes on? (check)

Necking taking . . . → Read More: I Love Sex!

National Senior Health & Fitness Day (Never Too Old for Sex)

One topic not often discussed is sex when one gets to be a senior, a “mature” adult, older… even plain old.

Sex As a Senior

Many of you know I go to Sex Parties. I don’t think I have ever shared anything about the age ranges at these wonderful parties, however.

I have . . . → Read More: National Senior Health & Fitness Day (Never Too Old for Sex)

What Does “Cis” & “Trans”-Gender Mean?

I have been incorporating the terms cisman and ciswoman in my writings and thought an explanation might be helpful. In addition, I will define transman and transwoman in case someone is not familiar with the differences.

Cis Man/Woman

A “cis”-gender person is someone who is not transgender. A cisperson is someone whose body and . . . → Read More: What Does “Cis” & “Trans”-Gender Mean?

Masturbation Woobies (Part 3)

In Masturbation Woobies (Part 1), I begin the discourse by letting you guys & gals who use something in order to masturbate know you are perfectly normal. In Masturbation Woobies (Part  2), questions about disclosing your needs abound. Many are addressed, but this piece talks about the down and dirty airing of your secret with . . . → Read More: Masturbation Woobies (Part 3)

Masturbation Woobies (Part 2)

In Masturbation Woobies (Part 1), I shared that, even when you don’t say it out loud, I can usually recognize someone needing to use a woobie… a sort of masturbation security blanket… in order to get hard or stay hard.

lace panties

You generally don’t tell anyone about your little sex-quirk lest they laugh . . . → Read More: Masturbation Woobies (Part 2)

Stressed Out?

Life can be really tough sometimes. I know it might seem obvious, but the Mistresses here at LDW are quite skilled at listening and understanding the very real stresses in life.

When You’re Stressed Out

artist, Reylia

Not only do you guys and gals want (or need?) an orgasm when you are stressed, sometimes . . . → Read More: Stressed Out?