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Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

In Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1), I began the story of seduction of three vanilla friends of my play friend couple.

Here’s how the scoring stands at the moment:

Kissing – 2 points for me Pants or dress off Underwear off When genitals come out to play – 2 points . . . → Read More: Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

Anatomy of a Clitoris (aka Pussy Worship Lessons)

The clit is so much more than just what you can see with your eyes. So many of you love eating pussy, whether on your girlfriend, wife or lover… or Serving your Domme here at LDW… I felt it was a good time to share some hidden information (pun intended).

Clitoris 101

Looking . . . → Read More: Anatomy of a Clitoris (aka Pussy Worship Lessons)

Sex Party Report (Hint: SYBIAN!)

Oh, yes.

I did eat lots of pussy.

I jacked off several men, a couple cumming on my hand and tits. (And I scooped it up and sucked it noisily for all to see.)

I tried out a wide variety of sex toys (one man demonstrating them on me as half a dozen men . . . → Read More: Sex Party Report (Hint: SYBIAN!)

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3)

A simple Brunch turned into my picking up a D/s couple. In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2), I left off saying:

While on my knees, I turned slightly towards the Dom and asked, “May I?”

He said, “Help yourself.”

I pushed my nose right up against her pussy, took a deep breath, inhaling her musky . . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3)

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2)

In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 1), I met a D/s couple, the woman Owned, wearing a lovely choker showing her position. After being invited into their dining space, we verbally danced around before becoming more intimate, my eventually being invited to their home, presumably to see their Dungeon.

Plunging In

They gave me their address . . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2)

Burying My Face (With Audio!)

Ah, yes… how easily I remember my first pussy experience, just like most of you, too, I suspect.

I was 18. Kelly was 21. We met at a gay bar/hotel and met while on the disco dance floor. She was so tall! And beautiful. She had long curly hair, wildly sweaty as she . . . → Read More: Burying My Face (With Audio!)

About Enchantrix Daphne

Yes! I am the new girl at the moment, but that won’t last long. For now, though, I will tell you a little about who I am so you can get to know me.

Florida Girl

I am a Florida native living in Miami Beach. I love the beach and spend a great deal . . . → Read More: About Enchantrix Daphne