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Mistress Constance’s Phone Sex Budget Advice

Mistress Constance wrote the most wonderful post about budgeting for your calls to us Mistresses and I wanted to make sure my clients see it as well.

Ms. Constance‘s post, Phone Sex Budget, says many of the things my own callers would be familiar with.

That I would rather you wait until more money . . . → Read More: Mistress Constance’s Phone Sex Budget Advice

Stressed Out?

Life can be really tough sometimes. I know it might seem obvious, but the Mistresses here at LDW are quite skilled at listening and understanding the very real stresses in life.

When You’re Stressed Out

artist, Reylia

Not only do you guys and gals want (or need?) an orgasm when you are stressed, sometimes . . . → Read More: Stressed Out?

10-Minute Callers…

your Mistress!

Don’t Hang Up!

I would LOVE to talk to you for your full 10 minutes!

Don’t feel like you have to hang up after you’ve enjoyed yourself.

Talk to me! Let me get to know you better.


the nosy Mistress Daphne

that’s . . . → Read More: 10-Minute Callers…

You Are Not Alone

This post will not be relevant to all, so if you aren’t having a challenging time, feel free to move on to a more erotic post or listen to my Audios!

That being said, it’s never a good time to talk politics, especially when you’re trying to be sexy. However, I have already had . . . → Read More: You Are Not Alone

Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

You’ll Need A Sissy Maid’s Outfit

You love your new outfit, don’t you?

Every sissy should work on her service skills of course, but she should also have her look down pat. So for today’s assignment, I’m going to transform you into a sissy maid.  You are to purchase a maid . . . → Read More: Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

My Anniversary Give-Away!

On June 1, 2015, I started working here at LDW. I started working “the phones” a mere 6-weeks before that. Am I ever thankful I found LDW!! Mistress Ally and all the Mistresses, Dispatchers, Office folks… everyone has been nothing less than amazing this entire year.

And you clients! How could I even . . . → Read More: My Anniversary Give-Away!

Guest Post from Ms. Fiona: Mystical Merging

Thanks usually come at the end, but I feel compelled to thank Mistress Fiona at the outset for her wonderful post about Tantric Sex in our various communities here at LDW. She embraces all sexes and genders, something not often done in the Tantric community. Even if this isn’t something you think will interest . . . → Read More: Guest Post from Ms. Fiona: Mystical Merging

Rope Bondage in a Wheelchair

Note: I do not profess to be an expert on those that have differing abilities. I do strive to learn the proper terminology and will do my best here in this piece. Please pardon any mistakes and if I do make them, correct me. I want to be as inclusive as possible. Thanks for . . . → Read More: Rope Bondage in a Wheelchair

Mistress Lilly’s “Knotty Fun” Story


I wrote about my experience playing with Mistress Lilly a few weeks ago… when I bottomed to her as she bound me with her ropes.

Mistress Lilly Ties Me UP!

“I swayed with the feelings of being embraced… held rigidly within the bonds of… friendship? Mistress-hood? It seemed, at least for the . . . → Read More: Mistress Lilly’s “Knotty Fun” Story

What LDW & Gandhi Have in Common (Audio Included!)

A profound business principle is commonly attributed to Mohandas Gandhi. We’ll just assume it was Gandhi for the sake of argument. (For the real story, read to the end and follow the link.)

Our beloved Mistress Ally sent the wonderful statements to all of us Mistresses at LDW, reminding us who really is The . . . → Read More: What LDW & Gandhi Have in Common (Audio Included!)