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Need a Good Flogging?

Have you ever thought of having a flogging session?

A Mistress Daphne Flogging

I do not typically flog my submissives as a punishment. Most of that reasoning is that submissives love to be spanked, love my lavishing attention on their bottoms and the backs of their upper thighs.

Instead of a flogging for punishment, . . . → Read More: Need a Good Flogging?

60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

At the 4-Day Weekend of Wild Sex in early February, 2017, I met a wonderful 60-year old gentleman, shy and soft-spoken; it really was surprising to see him at a 100+ people party, but here he was.

Spanking Wishes

During one round of introductions, this quiet man shared that he had always had . . . → Read More: 60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

Caring About My Submissives (Guest Post from Miss Violet!)

Miss Violet Cares About Her Submissives 800-601-6975

Forget Stereotypes

A Mistress is often portrayed as an evil, uncaring bitch, dressed all in black, wielding a whip like Indiana Jones on a rampage. That kind of Mistress is out there, but there are other types you need to be aware of. You may have . . . → Read More: Caring About My Submissives (Guest Post from Miss Violet!)