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I Love Sex!

I had a recent caller say to me, “I read your blog… and you love sex!”

I Do Love Sex!

Give me what you’ve got.

Masturbation? (check)

Playing with toys? (check) Watching others have sex? (check) Being watched having sex? (check) Deep kissing? (check) Necking with clothes on? (check)

Necking taking . . . → Read More: I Love Sex!

Fag Hag: One Each

I am deLIGHTed that so many of my boys and girls are figuring out what a Fag Hag I really am.

Even though I do not identify as heterosexual, but Sapiosexual on an LGBTQ spectrum, I have, as you know if you’ve dug deep enough in this blog, hung out with gay men . . . → Read More: Fag Hag: One Each

Mistress Daphne on Her Knees

(There is the usual disclaimer of safety of Self and Health. Protect yourself in the way that fits your lifestyle. Condoms are not unusual at Glory Holes so don’t feel self-conscious if it is something you prefer.)

It’s no secret how much I love sucking cock. Eating cum. And, most especially, having fun with . . . → Read More: Mistress Daphne on Her Knees