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Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

In Part 1, I began the discussion between how challenging it can be when our religious upbringing brings shame and embarrassment with our sexual needs and drives.

But, sometimes the decision between religion and our kinks/fetishes collide and choosing one over the other needs to be made.

I need to say something here… stress . . . → Read More: Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 2)

Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 1)

Not everyone calls for an orgasm. In fact, one of the most common non-sex calls is when the person feels pulled between their religion and their kinks or fetishes.

NOTE: This will not be religion-bashing, nor blasphemous,

but a very real dilemma many, many folks work with and through.

. . . → Read More: Religion & Kinks: When Morals Collide (Part 1)

treasure Hunting! (Ms. Harper’s 100th Episode Prize!)

A few nights ago, Mistress Harper’s Whore School had it 100th Show Anniversary!

We had the most fun EVER, some of us were on the radio with Ms. Harper (go to the Archives to listen!), others at our Virtual World Pool Party… and then there was the over-filled chat room!

Ah, there were PLENTY of . . . → Read More: treasure Hunting! (Ms. Harper’s 100th Episode Prize!)

For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

You know I looovvvveeee when we talk about you hamper divers, but I must caution you NOT to break into someone’s house and steal them!

Breaking, Entering and Stealing Panties

This judge outside New York City was arrested for doing just that.

(District Judge Robert) Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a . . . → Read More: For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

Virtual Pedal Pumping

I am on the search for a Virtual Pedal Pumping Fetish group but have not found one yet.

I might have to be the one to start it!

I found this piano at the Botanical Gardens and sat down to play for my Pedal Pumping Fetishists. Such gorgeous surroundings, I was thrilled to . . . → Read More: Virtual Pedal Pumping

New FREE Audios Ready!

Take a trip over to my Audios Page and listen to the NEW Audios I’ve put up today.

Fetishizing Fantasies (BBC, Race Play, Sexism, etc.) Anatomy of a Clitoris (Finding Your Way Around) Have You Had LOTS of Sex in Your Life? “Leave My Nipples Alone!” Porn/Sex “Addiction” – Seriously? Music to Fuck By . . . → Read More: New FREE Audios Ready!

Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

Race Play, et al.

I read something recently that said:

Only in porn can racism, sexism, the fetishization of the LGBTQ community and sizeism continue. Outside porn, these things are so politically volatile as to spark untold derision if they dare be brought up.

Oh, how true this sentiment is!

“But, But, But… . . . → Read More: Race Play, et al.: A Sensitive Topic Explored

Care of Stockings

Stockings Require Care

In talking to some of my girls who love to wear pantyhose, thigh high stockings or tights, I’ve realized that not all have the chick secrets we cisgirls learn growing up. Even looking online, I do not see some of the helpful hints.

For some, it helps to wear surgical gloves . . . → Read More: Care of Stockings

Sweet, Sweet Sweat Fetish

After Hurricane Irma, the electricity was out for way too long here in Florida. I acknowledge that we Floridians had it way better than many of the islands to our east, but we were still really hot and sticky.

Cicadas Make Me Sweat

We all had plenty to do, what with nearly every tree . . . → Read More: Sweet, Sweet Sweat Fetish

Twisted & Shouting, “PERVERT!”

I’ve been called a pervert for most of my life.

What’s a Pervert?

Definition 1

Definition 2: A person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. synonym: deviant

Definition 3? Let’s poke around and see what other dictionaries say.

blinking after looking at the Urban Dictionary definitions

. . . → Read More: Twisted & Shouting, “PERVERT!”