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Audios!! (updated 10/4/17)

Welcome to my Audios Page!

I rearranged things to make them much easier to find your way around. You’ll find deliciously teasing shorter clips mixed in with the ones that say “blog post,” which are from my older blog posts.

Enjoy listening to all the naughtiness!


Need a Spanking?

Möbius Strip: A BDSM Scene (Part 1) – blog post

Möbius Strip: The Caning (Part 2) – blog post

Bukkake at a Sex Party


Cum Eaters Unite!

C’mon, Eat It!

Watching Cum Shot Porn

Cum on My Face – blog post

Cum on My Tits – blog post

Domme & submissive

Kneel, My Sweet submissive

Good Morning, boy

Needing a Lawn Boy


Trick or TreatNEW!

You Are My Christmas Present – blog post

Christmas Eve Fucking – blog post

Christmas Shopping – blog post

The Chanukah Candle – blog post

Hello, December


Scary Visit to the Sex Store

A Visit to the Restaurant

Tell the Clerk Why You Need That

Buying Your 1st Dildo

Miscellaneous Fun

Mindfulness MasturbationNEW!

Watching Porn While on a Call with Me – NEW!

Peeping Tom

Camel Toe Appreciation

Big Black Cock – What’s the Big Deal? (Part 1) – blog post

The Barbershop/Anonymous Sex – blog post

Wake-Up Call 

Watching Porn Together 

Just Relaxing 

Sex Party Fun

Panties at the Party

Partying in a Cock Cage

Sex Party in a Petticoat – blog post

Sissy Fun at the Sex Party – blog post

Wearing Panties At a Sex Party

Sissies & Panty Boys

Sissy Clothes ShoppingNEW!

Sissy Tea Party

Buying Lipstick

Panties at the Office

Office Panties

Hamper Diver

Wearing Panties At a Sex Party

Sissy Fun at the Sex Party – blog post

Panties: A Tale of the Panty Boy (Girl?) – blog post

Going to the Seamstress 

Straight Cock Sucking

Finally, On Your Knees

Look at Yourself in the Mirror

1st Trip to the Glory Holes

I Love Gay Sex – blog post

 Random Special Posts

Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene – blog post

My Legs & Feet – Surprise Audio! – blog post