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My Ballerina’s Day of Beauty

My submissive ballerina has been being a good girl… going to ballet classes, practicing with Gwenny in our home studio and has really been very well-behaved, not needing many spankings at all.

But her costumes have begun looking haggard; she needs a shopping spree with Gwenny at the helm.

A Ballerina at the Mall . . . → Read More: My Ballerina’s Day of Beauty

Sex Party: Those Lingering Memories

The first weekend of February, 2017, I attended a 4-day long Sexy Party in Key West, Florida. I’ve written about my Bukkake and Spanking Scenes and have been trying to figure out how to pick the next topic to share. However, they all seem to run into each other and thought, instead of writing . . . → Read More: Sex Party: Those Lingering Memories

A Splash of Bukkake

Every once in awhile, a girl just needs a facial. Know what I mean?

Bukkake Bursts


At my recent Sex Party Weekend, there were about 100 people, men and women pretty evenly represented.

One of the things I find hilariously fun is bukkake. Not every girl likes having great gobs of cum . . . → Read More: A Splash of Bukkake

60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

At the 4-Day Weekend of Wild Sex in early February, 2017, I met a wonderful 60-year old gentleman, shy and soft-spoken; it really was surprising to see him at a 100+ people party, but here he was.

Spanking Wishes

During one round of introductions, this quiet man shared that he had always had . . . → Read More: 60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

My Pussy Hurts!

Hol-y FUCK, did I have an uh-MAZE-ing time from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night, partying my body off and entertaining others with theirs as well.  Me with 100 of my closest sex buddies: male and female, butch and femme, in panties and with strap-ons. A veritable cornucopia of decadence. I wish I could have brought . . . → Read More: My Pussy Hurts!

Sexing It Up This Long Weekend!

I leave tonight for my long Sex Party Weekend.


I am so excited, I have been a masturbating fool these past few days, imagining the fun I am going to have.

Bring on the Sybian!

Cannot wait to fill you in on all the naughty fun next week.

. . . → Read More: Sexing It Up This Long Weekend!