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Ring That Bell!

My Holiday Party needed a serving wench. I borrowed a friend’s submissive boi. I’d met him once and enjoyed his servitude and obedience greatly.

Pink Decorations

I had his outfit all picked out. Hmmm. Not sure you could call it an “outfit.” More like ways to accessorize his assets.

The first thing I . . . → Read More: Ring That Bell!

Ballet Class: At-home Studio

You jumped up and down like a silly girl, clomping on the floor happily, when I told you I was making the spare bedroom into an at-home studio for your ballet lessons.

Private Ballet Lessons

You clearly need extra attention in order to catch up with the girls in your ballet class. Your . . . → Read More: Ballet Class: At-home Studio

Your Penis as Entertainment

I find your penis endlessly entertaining.

A magic trick that transforms a lump of clay into a straining, begging animal with a mind of its own.

artist, Philippe Laferrier

Your Penis Performs for Me

My favorite is when I encounter your cock in its flaccid state. Usually when you are sleeping soundly. I . . . → Read More: Your Penis as Entertainment

Ballet Class: Pirouettes!

You’ve been at class for a couple of weeks now. My spy watches, then reports back to me each evening when you are tucked into your sissy-pink canopy bed, sleeping.


After this particular class, the spy didn’t want to call to tell me what had happened. Instead, she insisted on coming over . . . → Read More: Ballet Class: Pirouettes!

My Delicious Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a visual blog. You do not need to register to view blogs, just if you want to Follow them. (If you have any Tumblr questions, do not hesitate to ask!)

I am very proud of my Tumblr blog. It is sexy and lovely and shows a side of me not able . . . → Read More: My Delicious Tumblr Blog

10-Minute Callers…

your Mistress!

Don’t Hang Up!

I would LOVE to talk to you for your full 10 minutes!

Don’t feel like you have to hang up after you’ve enjoyed yourself.

Talk to me! Let me get to know you better.


the nosy Mistress Daphne

that’s . . . → Read More: 10-Minute Callers…