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Ballet Class: Mistress’ Command

You have stumbled over the ottoman for the last time. I am finally tired of your dropping the tea cups, spilling the milk and tripping over the dog.


I’ve thought long and hard about what to do, where to send you for Grace Training.

I’ve decided on Ballet Classes.

My Ballet Class . . . → Read More: Ballet Class: Mistress’ Command

Pasta con Jism (aka Cum Eating)

My Confession

So, I’ll admit it. I am kinda new at the Cum Eating game.

I mean, I was in a lesbian relationship for 20+ years with occasional sneak trips to seek out dick and cum (don’t tell my former partner!) and during that time I was a Lifestyle submissive. I’ve come out as . . . → Read More: Pasta con Jism (aka Cum Eating)