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New FREE Audios UP!

I went crazy and added a slew of new Audios to my Audios Page!

What Topics Do I Cover?

Nine NEW Audios… yes, NINE!

All Free!

Everything from Sissification to Cocksucking to being a good submissive boy… I like . . . → Read More: New FREE Audios UP!

Foot & Toe Jobs

You dear foot festishists are a breed all your own and it is so very much fun to play with you.

Foot Job Styles

There are those of you who merely want to have a foot on your thigh or a toe touching your balls while you stroke. Yet, more of you are . . . → Read More: Foot & Toe Jobs

Nap Time Dream

I laid down to take a nap… got settled… was just beginning to doze… and you crawled up onto the bed inbetween my legs.


You reached around my waist, down to my bottom and inserted a vibrating butt plug into my ass. Then you turned, handed me another and presented your ass . . . → Read More: Nap Time Dream

Fag Hag: One Each

I am deLIGHTed that so many of my boys and girls are figuring out what a Fag Hag I really am.

Even though I do not identify as heterosexual, but Sapiosexual on an LGBTQ spectrum, I have, as you know if you’ve dug deep enough in this blog, hung out with gay men . . . → Read More: Fag Hag: One Each

Cum Eating Success – Finally!

Through trial and error, I have devised a surefire way to get you to eat that cum you’ve craved for so long but have not been able to gulp down yet.


Why Can’t I Get It Down?!

You’ve tried and tried… and tried again… to eat your cum. You’ve called Mistress after . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Success – Finally!

Coached Cum Eating for Ms. Daphne

Need Some Cum Eating Instructions?

I would love to be your teacher… on the phone or on Cam… your call!

I love cum. I fucking love cum. I know I can impart that craving I have for cum on you.

How long have you thought about eating your cum? Since you were a . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating for Ms. Daphne

View My Tumblr Blog (It’s SEXY!)

(Sample images below!)

If you have never wandered over to my KinkyEnchantrixDaphne¬†Tumblr blog, I really encourage you to. You will learn so much more about me, what turns me on, what I think is sexy… and what my thoughts are as I post & repost the other posts.

NOTE: You do NOT have to . . . → Read More: View My Tumblr Blog (It’s SEXY!)