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Changing Chat Platforms (From YIM to Trillian & Skype)

As of midnight August 31, 2016, I will no longer be on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Yahoo has fucked up their Instant Messenger platform, so I am leaving it.

Moving to Trillian

You can find me on Trillian (free software download here), Username: DaphneEnchantrix

Or Find Me On Skype

My Username on Skype . . . → Read More: Changing Chat Platforms (From YIM to Trillian & Skype)

Delicious Chastity

Chastity makes me whimper with pleasure.

The Virtue of Chastity

You have wondered about the chastity devices ever since you first saw one. Maybe you started imagining your own cock inside one. You started looking them up online, trying to figure out how to get your partner to put you into chastity. Soon, . . . → Read More: Delicious Chastity

Fantasy vs. Reality

One of the more exquisite parts of calling us girls at LDW is you get to let your imagination – and complete perversions- fly free.

The Fantasy

Most of us Mistresses have heard it all. I promise. I tell my clients: You can’t scare me. Of course, LDW does have guidelines within which . . . → Read More: Fantasy vs. Reality

Sexy Texting: Stroking the Keyboard

I love Sexy Texting. Have been texting since I climbed onto the Internet in 1995.

What Is Sexy Texting?

When you are in a place where you cannot talk out loud, but the urge to cum overtakes you, a wonderful solution is Sexy Texting… writing online with your Mistress. All you need is a . . . → Read More: Sexy Texting: Stroking the Keyboard

Anatomy of a Clitoris (aka Pussy Worship Lessons)

The clit is so much more than just what you can see with your eyes. So many of you love eating pussy, whether on your girlfriend, wife or lover… or Serving your Domme here at LDW… I felt it was a good time to share some hidden information (pun intended).

Clitoris 101

Looking . . . → Read More: Anatomy of a Clitoris (aka Pussy Worship Lessons)

Sex Party Report (Hint: SYBIAN!)

Oh, yes.

I did eat lots of pussy.

I jacked off several men, a couple cumming on my hand and tits. (And I scooped it up and sucked it noisily for all to see.)

I tried out a wide variety of sex toys (one man demonstrating them on me as half a dozen men . . . → Read More: Sex Party Report (Hint: SYBIAN!)

Sex Party Tonight!

It’s that time again!

Sex/Masturbation Party

I get to foster both my Exhibitionist and Voyeuristic Self all in one night’s debauchery.

What Treats Do I Get to Indulge?

Will I sit on the edge of my seat watching a man stroke his cock for an audience?

I know I will suck some cock/s. . . . → Read More: Sex Party Tonight!

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Finale!)

In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3), I sucked and fucked the sweet subbie’s pussy in the pool. Now her Master needed attending to.

Greedy Service

She came sweetly in my mouth, holding her Master’s hand and looking him in the eye. I lifted up and looked at that cock. It begged to be serviced.

. . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Finale!)