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Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene (With Audio!)

I recently had a submissive with whom I’d had a phone/Skype session and it was rather intense, requiring Aftercare. A challenge was the budget didn’t allow for the amount of tending he needed and I learned the next day, he had a difficult time on his own. I let him know that I . . . → Read More: Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene (With Audio!)

Animation of MtF Transformation

This is the Transgender Flag.

Ever wonder how the body of a male becomes the body of a female? Here is your chance to see it in animation.

Click the link or the picture below.


Goddess, I love . . . → Read More: Animation of MtF Transformation

Elf on the Shelf: the Fag Edition

Found on Tumblr.


My regular readers know how much I Love Gay Sex. This is awesome!

You ARE My Christmas Present (Plus Audio!)

Sitting in the back yard, looking at the Palm Tree filled with lights, my mind started to wander.

I turned and saw you in the kitchen, getting the finishing touches on our Christmas Night dinner completed. You are still in your jeans and brown leather belt. Barefoot. Bare chested. You’ll be heading up . . . → Read More: You ARE My Christmas Present (Plus Audio!)

Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)

I watch as you are, once again, tweaking with the Christmas Tree. I talked you into one of those aluminum jobbers we had in the 1970’s. With the color wheel.


You rolled your eyes and said it reminded you of elementary school and I said, “Exactly.”

The “branches” always seemed to need . . . → Read More: Some Christmas Eve Fucking (Plus Audio!)

Mistress Kay Marie Talks About Humiliation

I have written, several times, that Humiliation isn’t something I prefer to do with you folks. I don’t mind some, but when it comes to harsh and cruel humiliation, I prefer to refer out to harsher Mistresses. I want your needs met! I don’t want you to be disappointed that I wasn’t strong enough . . . → Read More: Mistress Kay Marie Talks About Humiliation

Mistress Vivian Coaches Men on How to Dress for Success

It is frightening, sometimes, to see men in public. They dress like they are in a frat house that never sees a proper woman darken their door.

Blessedly, Mistress Vivian has taken it upon herself to help you guys present yourselves in the best light for us Mistresses.

Sexy Auntie Viv Asks. Do The . . . → Read More: Mistress Vivian Coaches Men on How to Dress for Success

Burying My Face (With Audio!)

Ah, yes… how easily I remember my first pussy experience, just like most of you, too, I suspect.

I was 18. Kelly was 21. We met at a gay bar/hotel and met while on the disco dance floor. She was so tall! And beautiful. She had long curly hair, wildly sweaty as she . . . → Read More: Burying My Face (With Audio!)

Sex Worker’s Day

Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Around the world, sex workers… gay, straight, men, women, transpeople… are demonstrating against the criminalization of sex work. It is in making sex work illegal that the risk is greatest for the worker his/herself.

“The criminalization of sex work in the United . . . → Read More: Sex Worker’s Day

Caitlyn: Internalized Transphobia?

There is a big hoopla going on at this very moment about Caitlyn Jenner and some comments she made to Time Magazine as they interviewed her for their end-of-the-year issue. She says, in part, in the article “Caitlyn Jenner on Privilege, Reality TV and Deciding to Come Out“:

“One thing . . . → Read More: Caitlyn: Internalized Transphobia?