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Sick of the Relatives?

Sick of the relatives? Sick of Auntie Faye and Cousin Brian? This Thanksgiving bullshit annoying the hell out of you?

Then fucking call me already!!!

Get yourself out into the cold garage (“Gotta see about that oil can, dear!”) and CALL! Let’s have some quick, hard sex… one where you cum so hard, . . . → Read More: Sick of the Relatives?

Happy Thanksgiving!


What do YOU lick on Thanksgiving Day?





Or are you reading this on your phone while the family swirls around the house, wandering aimlessly, while you think about putting on those panties you have hidden in the car’s trunk.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak away and call . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Approach a Domme (With Audio!)

Yesterday, I got a message, from a first time visitor, in my Yahoo IM, that said something like this:

” I am a very submissive sissy that likes pain and lots of humiliation and I am trying to get the most humiliating way to eat my cumm”

Yeah, something almost exactly verbatim like that.

. . . → Read More: How to Approach a Domme (With Audio!)

The Barbershop/ Anonymous Sex (With Audio!)

I went out yesterday with a gorgeous straight guy friend of mine. He took me to lunch at Seasons 52 (it is one of my favorite restaurants) and then had to go along with him to the barbershop. It was a new one to him and I was pretty bored.


Until we . . . → Read More: The Barbershop/ Anonymous Sex (With Audio!)

Transgender Day of Remembrance & Resilience

Today is the most important day of the year for the Trans* community. This is the day we remember those who left us/were taken from us and vow to stay strong in the face of the difficulties that society foists on this community.

I feel very blessed to be so involved with the . . . → Read More: Transgender Day of Remembrance & Resilience

Transgender Awareness Week

A tad late, but National Transgender Awareness Week is November 14-20, 2015.


This is but one week given to Transfolks, culminating in the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, 2015. Trans* people have such a challenging life in this world. This week brings the difficulties to light, helping the ignorant . . . → Read More: Transgender Awareness Week

Radio Interview with Mistress Daphne (Audio!)

Mistress Constance interviewed me a few days ago and we had a blast doing it! Here is the whole interview.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Cum on My Face (With Audio!)

I’ve made it no secret that I looovvveee cum. When I go to sex parties, I will sit and let men jack off and cum on my face… then share it either with them (kissing) or with a woman I know who also craves eating cum. She will lick my face and slide . . . → Read More: Cum on My Face (With Audio!)

Red Umbrella

I just learned that the red umbrella is the symbol of:


which is on December 17.

As it gets closer, I will be writing about Sex Worker’s Rights… which are Human Rights.


I am blessed to work here at LDW. They are awesome about taking care of us girls. I . . . → Read More: Red Umbrella

The Precariousness of Hormones

I’ve been asked many times by a Sissy if she should have been born with female genitalia.

Gender is so complicated, it is difficult to answer with a yes or no. I usually ask, “Do you feel like a girl/woman?” and that answer alone can let the person know if they, perhaps, should have . . . → Read More: The Precariousness of Hormones