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Getting Waxed

I talk to you girls (and some of you guys!) about staying clean… hairless… and many of you shave. I’ve encouraged you to wax, but so many are afraid of the pain, I thought I’d explore this topic a little more.

First, waxing is awesome because (number one!) you don’t have to shave anymore! . . . → Read More: Getting Waxed


Ah, can’t talk about Masturbation without talking about orgasm.

Isn’t it amazing how damn good an orgasm feels? I have interviewed hundreds of people asking them to describe it to me and no one has said exactly the same thing twice.

“Waves of pleasure.”

“Like my body is spasming, but in a really good . . . → Read More: Orgasm


Oh, how I love masturbation.

I love masturbating.

I love watching masturbating.

I especially love watching men (and my Sissies!) masturbate! O, how you guys and gals on my phone and cam turn me on. Wet! Dripping fucking wet, you make me. (It’s almost embarrassing to confess this!)

Hitachi for the Win!

The Hitachi Magic . . . → Read More: Masturbation

A Sweet Georgia Peach

Last week, I was with a group of LDW Mistresses. I had no idea how sexually charged the meeting was going to be! I wrote about Mistresses Mandy and Lilly in HOT Hot Tub Sex and now it’s time to reveal my interaction (chuckle) with Mistress Christine.

I was sitting on the sofa with . . . → Read More: A Sweet Georgia Peach

HOT Hot Tub Sex!

Mistress Mandy disrobed and sauntered to the hot tub, first dipping her toes in, then stepping in slowly. I watched from the window and felt pressing surges of desire; I was going to have to join her.

I had my bikini on, still a little shy with such beautiful Mistresses I had just met. . . . → Read More: HOT Hot Tub Sex!

Back Home With Stories to Tell!

I am back from South Florida where several of the LDW girls got together for a few days. More are still visiting each other, but I needed to come home to be with you all; I missed you!

I am working on a couple of posts about what shenanigans we got into and hope . . . → Read More: Back Home With Stories to Tell!

Going to Hang Out With the Girls!

I am heading out on Monday morning, October 5th, for 2-3 days to go be with some of the LDW girls. I am very excited and promise to report back once home again later in the week. (Don’t worry, Mistresses! I won’t tell ALL of our goings on!)

I will miss you girls and . . . → Read More: Going to Hang Out With the Girls!