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My Glamorous Sissy (part 1)

We met at the upscale boutique where she insisted I find the perfect evening gown for her. We were going to an all-women’s formal get-together… wine, champagne, hor dourves and then a luxurious sit-down dinner that would surely last until well after midnight.

Pink is the Color of Her Pussy

The dresses were lined . . . → Read More: My Glamorous Sissy (part 1)

Buying a House in Miami

I moved back to Miami from San Diego a year ago. While I had grown up here, the market had changed dramatically from 15 years ago. I needed help!

My Realtor

I found a very talented Realtor who came highly recommended. It didn’t hurt that he was a gorgeous black Cuban man that made . . . → Read More: Buying a House in Miami

Sex With a Disability

The word “disability” covers a plethora of experiences. From diabetes to being a quadriplegic… and everything inbetween (or more!)… sex can be a challenge at times. As I write, insert your (or your partner’s) disability when I write about some disability or other.

Sex With a Disability

It’s important for you to feel balanced… you’ve . . . → Read More: Sex With a Disability