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I Am Cait

I don’t watch reality shows. Ever.

But when Caitlyn Jenner came out trans*, I knew I wanted to watch her process, if not for my own education (which it is, even with all I know about transgender issues… and I know a LOT), but so I can see what is being taught to others . . . → Read More: I Am Cait

Rainy Day Sex

Tropical Storm Erika petered out, but has been dumping buckets of rain on Miami for a couple of days. It’s been dark in the house except for the one lamp I have on and the periodic flashes of lightning… that leads to the rocking thunder afterwards. I crawl down between the covers again and . . . → Read More: Rainy Day Sex

“Am I Transgender?”

As a Mistress, I get asked this at least a couple of times a week, so I thought I would address it here. If you are asking this question, I am sure you have Googled it already, so have read what others, including the professionals, have to say. I will share my experiences with . . . → Read More: “Am I Transgender?”

Sex in a Chair

I went to a party a few weeks ago and had some seriously fun sex. Thought I’d share my experience with you all.


There is a ritual at sex parties where folks get to know each other before engaging… courting. It starts with introductions and pheromones start sparking between the members. Once the . . . → Read More: Sex in a Chair

Play Party

I went to a Play Party a few days ago and had a blast!

A Play Party is a gathering of like-minded BDSM folks who play together in a huge space that has a variety of huge wooden structures made to hold, trap, bind and suspend individuals who will be “worked on” with floggers, . . . → Read More: Play Party

“Am I Submissive?”

Asking the Question

After spending 15 years as a submissive to my (former) partner, I am a Domme. I will not submit to anyone for a long time. I do bottom, but don’t submit.

However, because of my experience, I get asked, “Am I submissive?” quite often. It seems like one would know immediately . . . → Read More: “Am I Submissive?”

Pass the Penis!!

Oh how much fun it is to play Pass the Penis. If you don’t know what that is, click HERE to find out!

For the entire month of August, we Mistresses are ready and waiting to tease and please you mercilessly!

I hope to hear from you soon!