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Hands & Knees

There is no better place for a naked sub than on his hands and knees. Being in that position allows a Mistress complete access to the slave’s genitals, anus and chest. He is put in a humiliating position and his Mistress can have all sorts of bdsm fun with his body.

. . . → Read More: BDSM Fun

About Enchantrix Daphne

Yes! I am the new girl at the moment, but that won’t last long. For now, though, I will tell you a little about who I am so you can get to know me.

Florida Girl

I am a Florida native living in Miami Beach. I love the beach and spend a great deal . . . → Read More: About Enchantrix Daphne

Cum Eating?

Initially, it might sound very strange, if not downright taboo, but I find more and more men are drawn to become cum eating whores… even you straight guys. How does one start, though?

Coerced Cum Eating

I find that many men start out tasting their pre-cum first and then get more and more curious . . . → Read More: Cum Eating?

Required Celibate Cuckold

Your wife comes home and finds you dressed in her panties, bra, stockings Sunday church dress. You have put on make-up, including a thick layer of lipstick. You weren’t expecting her for hours! Why did she come home?! Suddenly, it doesn’t matter. The reality is here she is.

Sissy Slave

Instead of her being . . . → Read More: Required Celibate Cuckold

Meeting Other Sissy Girls

I talk to a lot of Sissies that are isolated, not telling anyone of their fetish, hiding everything in a locked box in the closet. That kind of isolation can be a great cause of stress on a girl, but where would someone find others with like minds? Happily, LDW has a couple of . . . → Read More: Meeting Other Sissy Girls

Sissy Girlfriends

I met Mark at the pool and he was adorable in his Speedo, his small penis showing through the thin material. You would think he would have worn trunks, but for some reason, he was in that tiny swim suit. My Sissy-dar immediately went up as I watched him pull on a cover-up so . . . → Read More: Sissy Girlfriends

Welcome Ms. Daphne!

Welcome Enxhantrix Daphne!  We look forward to seeing you around the Enchantrix Empire!