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10-Minute Callers: This is for You!

I love all my callers, even you 10-minute guys & gals.



Seems like a really short time for a fantasy and orgasm, but some of you are able to cum within 2-3 minutes. Not a problem at all.

But I want to remind you, you are paying for 10-minutes, whether you use them or not. Why not use them?

We Mistresses find it delightful to get to know our callers better. Perhaps you’d like to get to know us better, too?

I know we are here for your fun and pleasure, but it might be cool to talk to us for the last few minutes you’ve already paid for. I know we would enjoy that so so much!

Topics you might ask us or tell us about yourself:

  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite Books
  • Favorite Erotic Stories
  • Favorite Porn Sites (new sites can be great for us!)
  • Have Pets?

Any of these and more would be welcome topics for a 5-6 minute chat.

Next time, see if you can use all your minutes talking to us!

8 comments to 10-Minute Callers: This is for You!

  • Hi Ms Daphne!

    Love this post. I agree, I love all of my callers, even the 10 minute ones! I too offer to just chat and get to know one another, but for some reason after orgasm. Well, the guys come out of their cum coma and barely utter “Bye!”

    All good, but if I know you are a two min man, let’s look into a bit of cock control! Make the most of out those ten! I know Ms Daphne would love to have a go, at that control!

    Happy Thanksgiving all! XOXOXO

    • Ms. Erika!

      Belated T-giving Day to you, too!

      Yes! Those boys DO need some better cock control! You are absolutely correct. I’ll have to work on that aspect.

      Love to you, too!

  • Petey cream puff

    10 minutes would be perfect time to talk about interests aside from feminization/chastity and to know more about mistress/client interests outside this. I think now that the mistresses have me under their control as their cream puff girl 20 minutes is perfect time and I can do more calls as opposed to hour calls monthly I can do weekly with shorter calls. I do love the fact that all the mistresses have me as their cream puff girl/controlling my cock. I’d love to and will discuss how I got to be the cream puff girl along with other interests as well.

    • Petey-

      I like that a lot, that you know what you want to talk about and how long works for you. That is awesome. I am sure your knowledge will help other girlie girls know how to stretch out the calls, too.

      Thanks for writing!

  • Hah! I love this post, and I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes I have to chide my minute men–can’t you last just A FEW minutes more? I mean, why waste time when you can spend it with me? I do think it adds to the humiliation, though, to be paying for minutes you can’t last long enough to use!

    • THAT is an aspect I hadn’t even thought of! that they pay for minutes because they finish so flippin’ fast. I will remember that when they call again. laughing LOVE IT!

      Thanks, Ms. Piper!!

  • Gem Sissy

    I love the idea of chatting if orgasm is reached too soon. Making the bond richer than just sexual play times would make the play times even better I would think.

    • Gem,

      Indeed! Any communication is awesome on calls. It really does help me dig into your brain more easily, offering you the best call we can do together.

      Thanks, dear Gem!

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